Monday, January 23, 2006

Museum of Frenzy

Recording Equipment:
Panasonic RQ-L30 portable cassette deck
GE 3-5367 portable cassette deck
Aiwa CS-P500 portable stereo radio cassette recorder
All sounds gathered by zan + zurich in and around the smithsonian museums in washington d.c. on labor day 2001.
remixed at contorted studio using the equipment listed above
EQ and stereo modifications done on computer all else is analog sound gathering and processing with no effect units or equipment. The next D.C. Z

From EldRichPalmerZine
ZANOISECT's "Muzeum of Frenzy" is the effect of operations on the field recordings made "at various museums of the Smithsonian Institution on cheap portable tape recorders by zan hoffman & jeff surak". In regards to the sound source, the recording is not revealing, but quite interesting nevertheless. The guys concocted a decent collage, consisting of three parts. The first, mixed by Zan, is genuinely a noise one, but the other two, mixed by Jeff, are definitely more varied. The sound seems "broad" and "deep", there is less of noise and more of "noisescape" to it. To the last part, the term "noise" is hardly applicable, and the input material of the field recordings seems least treated and mixed. As a whole it is quite intriguing, the first track being slightly inferior to the other." was created just using portable tape decks, gathering sounds, with my buddy Zurich, in and around the museums on the mall downtown. These in turn were processed and finally composed for the 59th Zanoisect work of frenzied lovelyness.

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