Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Xenophile Experimental Density Hampers

Featuring Xedh [es]

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zan said...

Zanoisect's collaboration with Basque artist Miguel "Xedh" A. Garcia was the 86th release by Zanoisect, finished in September 2005. This effort continues a process begun with Zanoisect 51 "Charvaka Enters Hastinapura" in December 2000 where a single artists' collaborative sound sources were the only sonic elements used in a release. In that case Jorge Castro [pr] provided the sound material. Since then there have been single artist collaborations with NXFXTXEX [dk], Haters [ca], If, Bwana [ny], Napalmed [cz], Kazuhiro Othsuka [jp], Outermost [jp], Ames Sanglantes [can], Gintas K [lt], Krabatof Philharmonic Orchestra [ch] as well as Xedh [es].*

The Zanoisect [i.e. Zan+Noise+Sect] project was started in 1985 as an experimental spin-off from the Zanstones project of Zan Hoffman. At this time Zanoisect set out to explore obscure, extreme, austere and bleeding-edge experimental recordings. After a six-year hiatus Zanoisect became a significant project in 1992 for a wide range of non-traditional recordings. The late 1990's constituted a real growth period varying between solo recordings of Zan Hoffman and international collaborations.

In the new millennium ZH27 [the label of all Zan Hoffman's projects] started commissioning artist worldwide to send collaborative material for the ongoing "15 x 1 min." series. The guideline was to send fifteen or more pieces, about a minute long each, for future collaborative projects. It was Miguel A. Garcia's submissions to "15 x 1 min." as Xedh that formed the basis for the "Xenophile Experimental Density Hampers" release. To dissect, transform, manipulate and transmute Xedh material into golden new form was the Zanoisect mission. The method, technique and technical information about this transmutation is as secret to Zanoisect as transmutation information was to alchemists.

The title of this work is an exploration of Xedh's name as an acronym. The term "Xenophile" was invented for this occasion to celebrate Zanoisect's 'love of foreigners' in opposition to the term "xenophobe" which describes a fear and hatred of foreigners.

* Please note Internet suffixes are used to designate country of origin for non-American artists, and US Postal abbreviations are used for American states. Where these overlap [can] is used for Canada and [ca] for California.